API (American Petroleum Institute)


This standard is mainly applicable for industries supplying to petroleum, oil and gas industry. In most of the cases, they supply to off shore platforms. There are 2 types of certifications under API

  • API Spec Q1 – Quality management system requirements (Sector specific)
  • API Monogram program – Product specific technical standards such as API 6A, 6D, 600, 602 etc. In monogram license program, API spec Q1 and product specific requirements are applicable.

The standard requirements are very stringent. If the company is intending supplies to oil and gas sector, this is a mandatory requirement for most of the products. There is no other alternative.



The organizations manufacturing oil and gas industry components


Some of the benefits to your organization:

  • Qualified supplier for oil and gas sector.
  • Quality and consistency.
  • Recognition in International market.
  • Uniqueness and good brand value.
  • Product certification brings good profitability due to less competition.


Process Flow:

  • Identify the processes of the organization
  • Designing of the system as per API spec Q1
  • Product designing and manufacturing (For monogram license)
  • Monitoring of the system
  • Internal audits / Management Review
  • Certification audit (Stage 1 and 2)

Note: The proposal is submitted only after understanding the client’s requirements and applicability of the standards.

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