Highlights of ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) Certification

  1. Improve your Image and Credibility

If your customer’s purchase orders or tenders require an ISO 14001 certification, then this is an obvious benefit. But even if it is not a formal requirement, very often your customers, neighbors, and the local community will be interested in how you care for the environment around you. Increasingly, consumers are concerned about the environmental practices of the companies that produce the products they use. One way to assure all of these people that you are committed to managing your environmental impacts is to have a demonstrable environmental management system to identify and control these impacts. This can enhance your image, help you maintain a good public image, your market share with these interested parties.

  1. Improvement in Cost Control

All companies want to reduce costs – this is a fact of life in today’s world economy. But we wonder how it is possible to do so, by implementation of environmental management system. Firstly by implementation of EMS, you can identify, control and reduce the number of environmental incidents that occur, which can save your company from fines / penalties. Secondly, through it can help you reduce the costs by working to conserve the energy and input materials required by your company processes.

  1. Help you comply with legal requirements

Biggest advantage that can be derived by implementation of ISO 14001, is that it provides you with a framework for identifying, monitoring and complying with the various environmental requirements that apply to your organization. Although you try to comply with all the applicable regulatory and statutory requirements before implementing an environmental management system. The EMS itself can aid in maintaining your compliance. Additionally certification will reflect the systems followed, whenever a visitor visits your organization for approvals and also boosting your image and credibility as above.


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